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IC32-R & IC32/16-R

High Performance Amplifiers Drive Coaxial Transducers With Dual-Tweeter Arrays

Sonic control is pointless unless the sound is accurate, natural and enjoyable. That’s why Iconyx use multichannel audiophile high-current amplifiers to power arrays of advanced, purpose-designed coaxial transducers, each one with its own dual tweeter high frequency array. The dual tweeter design reduces the distance between HF sources for greatly improved high frequency performance with consistent broadhorizontal dispersion.

RHAON Audio Operations Network

RHAON brings a new level of control and flexibility to Iconyx installations. Straightforward network connections empower multi-channel digital audio distribution, user-controlled DSP, user able presets and comprehensive remote system management and control – all over a single CAT 5 cable using standard Ethernet hardware.

Individual Transducer Control - Multiple Beams and Movable Acoustic Centers

Iconyx transparent technology controls acoustic energy using DSP intelligence, not bulky, brute-force techniques. Multi-channel Class D digital amplifiers with integral DSP engines control every single Iconyx array element with programmable precision. The high-current output section maximizes audio accuracy.

Flexibility & Power

Iconyx technology gives sound system designers the power to cover almost any audience area perfectly. Multiple sonic beams can be individually shaped and aimed a single Iconyx array using the softwarecontrolled DSP: up to 16 beams on an IC32-R (8 on an IC32/16-R). The acoustic center of the array can be raised or lowered electronically, because all array elements are identical and equidistant.

Architecturally Transparent

The slender, tall Iconyx enclosure is designed to be heard but not seen. It mounts flush to walls and columns, blending invisibly into almost any architectural environment. Meanwhile, advanced Iconyx digital technology aims the sound precisely at the audience, and no else.

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